A little bit about me

Hi y’all, I am so glad that you found me. I, like most girls, love fashion. It is a way to express who you are to the world without having to say a word. My absolute favorite time of the day is that moment in the morning or evening when I go over to my closet and mull over that age old question of “what to wear?” For me that magical moment starts way before my feet hit the floor in the morning. If you ask me, it all starts with the moment that you buy that perfect dress or when you score that major handbag and you start running a little montage in your mind of all of the places you will wear it. Then there is that intoxicating moment of taking off the tags and debuting your new fashion find to the world. That is what this blog is about to me; showing you guys all of my fashion finds and the way that I incorporate them into my everyday life. I work from home which allows me a unique sense of flexibility in the way I dress day to day and I am excited to share it with all of you. I will be posting my first outfit next week and will share with you all where I found each piece. I encourage you to feel free to share with me any thoughts or questions you guys might have once I start posting! Hope y’all will enjoy reading this blog as much as I know I will making it for you!